Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Middle East

Taliban ask former Afghan forces to integrate with new regime

Afghan forces who were trained in the past 20 years will be asked to rejoin the security departments alongside Taliban members.

Iran offers to become Malaysia’s palm oil distribution hub

Iran says it is poised to buy more of the commodity from Malaysia in a bid to address the growing demand over the next few years.

US cutting forces, missile batteries in Middle East

Pentagon spokesman says some of the Patriot anti-missile batteries are being redeployed to other countries and some are returning to the US for maintenance.

Middle East states executed most in 2020, says Amnesty report

Amnesty says the Middle East 'stands out as a region that clings to the use of the death penalty after deeply unfair trials'.

Israeli and UAE flag-carriers to work even more closely together

Such a level of cooperation between Israeli and Arab airlines would have seemed impossible until recently.

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