Friday, July 1, 2022

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Johnson faces UK parliament for first time since no-confidence vote

Critics have warned the political crisis is not over for the embattled prime minister after more than 40% of his own MPs voted against him in Monday's no-confidence vote.

After ‘partygate’, UK PM Johnson faces confidence vote

A majority of Conservative lawmakers - or 180 - would have to vote against Johnson for him to be removed - a level some Conservatives say might be difficult to reach.

UK PM Johnson faces new call to resign over ‘partygate’

Johnson himself has said that he takes responsibility for the events but refuses to quit.

UK police end Downing Street party inquiry, 126 fines issued

Of those fined, 53 were men and 73 were women, with some people receiving more than one.

UK PM sorry for party fine but called ‘man without shame’

MPs will hold a special debate on Thursday into whether he misled the House of Commons

British PM apologises after fine for lockdown birthday bash

This is believed to be the first time a British leader has been found to have broken the law while in office.

UK police say more than 50 fines issued over Downing Street lockdown gatherings

The fines have confirmed that unprecedented regulations to protect the nation from Covid-19 were been broken by officials at the heart of the government that designed them.

UK police issue first 20 fines over lockdown gatherings in Downing Street

Police are investigating 12 gatherings held at Downing Street and the Cabinet Office after an internal inquiry found Johnson's staff had enjoyed alcohol-fuelled parties.

UK’s Johnson submits response to ‘partygate’ probe

Johnson faces a fine unless he can explain why he was at events held during coronavirus restrictions.

UK police send PM Johnson questionnaire in ‘partygate’ probe

Boris Johnson faces a fine unless he can give credible reasons as to why he was at events held during coronavirus restrictions.

UK police widen net after new ‘partygate’ photo of PM

The police will also be sending 'formal questionnaires to more than 50 people' to ask about their activities on the dates of at least 12 gatherings in Downing Street over 2020 and 2021.

UK PM insists ‘change is good’ after staff exodus

Eleven Conservative MPs have called publicly for Johnson to quit, as police investigate a series of parties held in Downing Street while the rest of the country was enduring Covid lockdowns.

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