Sunday, July 3, 2022


Open the windows to curb Covid spread, say experts

The virus is most likely to spread through inhalation at close range rather than through contact with surfaces or at long range, they say.

Covid may become ‘seasonal’, UN says

But the team tasked with examining potential meteorological and air quality influences on the spread of Covid-19 says weather and climate conditions alone should for now not be the trigger for loosening restrictions.

Risk of contracting Covid-19 by touching contaminated surfaces ‘low’, studies say

The studies by Swiss scientists show that the chances of being infected this way is 'less than five in 10,000'.

How contagious are kids with Covid? Short answer: we don’t know

But there is no doubt that children are generally asymptomatic or have less serious forms of the disease compared to adults.

Masks cut risk of Covid-19 infection on planes, US military study shows

The study concludes that even on a full plane, the level of transmission over 12 hours of flight is negligible.

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