Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Google under fire in Australia over dominance in online advertising

A report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says more than 90% of clicks on advertisements traded through the Australian 'ad tech' supply chain passed through at least one service owned by the Alphabet Inc unit in 2020.

South Korea fines Google almost US$180 million for market abuse

The penalty came weeks after South Korea passed a law banning major app store operators such as Google and Apple from forcing software developers to use their payment systems.

Tech giants seek meeting with PM on foreign ship cable waiver

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are seeking the reinstatement of an exemption revoked last year under the previous government.

US aiming new lawsuit at Google over ads, report says

The US Department of Justice could file the litigation by the end of the year, Bloomberg reports.

South Korea bans app payment monopolies in world first

The Korean law will offer users a choice of app payment providers, allowing them to bypass charges set by the store owner.

Google ‘pay calculator’ to reduce pay of staff who do not return to office

Employees who choose to work from home or even move to cheaper regions will likely be subject to a salary cut.

Tech giants’ profits soar in pandemic boom but regulation looms

Analysts say it's likely that these latest results will lead to further calls for regulatory scrutiny to curb their dominance.

Trump sues Facebook, Twitter, Google for silencing him

Trump is accusing the media giants of restricting access to conservative viewpoints.

Facebook plans undersea cables to speed Southeast Asia internet to US

Facebook cancelled projects to connect the US to Hong Kong following government concerns over Chinese spying.

YouTube to roll out parent-approved accounts for tweens

The move responds to concerns about violence and other inappropriate content which may be viewed by minors on the massive video-sharing platform.

3 syarikat gergasi global bakal bina pusat data berskala hiper di Malaysia

Microsoft, Google dan Amazon diberikan kelulusan bersyarat untuk membina dan mengurus pusat data dan perkhidmatan awam.

3 global digital giants to set up large-scale data centres in Malaysia

Microsoft, Google and Amazon have been given conditional approval to set up and manage hyper-scale data centres and cloud services in the country.

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