Monday, June 14, 2021


Facebook plans undersea cables to speed Southeast Asia internet to US

Facebook cancelled projects to connect the US to Hong Kong following government concerns over Chinese spying.

YouTube to roll out parent-approved accounts for tweens

The move responds to concerns about violence and other inappropriate content which may be viewed by minors on the massive video-sharing platform.

3 syarikat gergasi global bakal bina pusat data berskala hiper di Malaysia

Microsoft, Google dan Amazon diberikan kelulusan bersyarat untuk membina dan mengurus pusat data dan perkhidmatan awam.

3 global digital giants to set up large-scale data centres in Malaysia

Microsoft, Google and Amazon have been given conditional approval to set up and manage hyper-scale data centres and cloud services in the country.

Facebook blocks Aussie users from viewing or sharing news amid legal dispute

A new Australian law wants tech giants like Facebook and Google to pay for content reposted from news outlets.

Tech giants ‘close’ to deals with Aussie media

Australia is poised to adopt legislation that would force digital companies to pay for news content.

Google co-founder Brin opens family office in Singapore

The ultra-wealthy have increasingly chosen the city-state in recent years to open so-called 'family offices' focused on handling their fortunes and lives.

Google to pay US$3.8 million to settle compensation, hiring discrimination claims

Google will also review its policies on hiring and compensation and take corrective action to ensure non-discrimination practices in the workplace.

Google says ready to shut off search engine in Australia if forced to pay for news

No more 'Let me google that' for Aussies if the search behemoth forces Canberra to abandon its proposed new law

Gmail service disrupted in new Google mishap

Operations were back in order about two and a half hours after people started complaining of problems.

Gmail, YouTube down as Google suffers massive outage

The problem has affected several other Google services as well.

Facebook may be forced to sell Instagram and WhatsApp over abuse of power

Also Google and digital advertising firms are the targets of fresh privacy complaints filed in six EU countries on Thursday.

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