Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Gadis buktikan jantina bukan penghalang bekerja di bidang didominasi lelaki

Syazwani buktikan golongan hawa juga mempunyai kekuatan untuk melakukan kerja berat

Popstar pays fine for women’s handball team who wore shorts instead of bikini bottoms

Many sportswomen are taking a stand against being little more than a parade of eye candy for the spectators.

Turkey quits treaty aiming to prevent violence against women

Erdogan’s Islam-oriented party had advocated for a review of the agreement, arguing it is inconsistent with Turkey's conservative Muslim values.

Pakistan PM’s British ex-wife condemns him blaming skimpy clothes for rape

However, several of Pakistan's female lawmakers have sprung to Khan’s defence.

New Zealand weightlifter will be first transgender athlete to compete in Olympics

Laurel Hubbard became eligible to lift in the Olympics as a woman after her testosterone levels dropped below the required threshold.

Pakistan, Iran elected to UN commission on women, 2 other bodies

Three weeks ago, Pakistan and Iran ranked near the bottom of the World Economic Forum’s latest 'Global Gender Gap'.

Knickers to that: new Swiss army recruits to get gender-appropriate underwear

The army is launching a drive to become 9% more feminine before the end of the decade.

Ripped jeans may be the undoing of Indian society, says senior lawmaker

In the past few years, ripped jeans have become hugely popular and everyone from Bollywood stars to ordinary Indians wears them.

Turkey condemned for quitting international treaty to prevent violence against women

Turkey now says the treaty was hijacked by a group of people attempting to promote LGBT lifestyles.

Hopes for Afghan peace fade as Moscow summit held with solo female delegate

Most of the delegates allegedly have links with warlords who have ruled for 40 years and fought constantly.

Women demonstrate in Istanbul to protest against surging femicide rates

Protesters were not impressed by President Erdogan saying Turkey would establish a parliamentary commission to address issues regarding violence against women.

Disfigured by acid, the face of violence against Yemen’s women

'I went through hell,' says 19-year-old who was married at 12 and rejected by her husband at 16 before being disfigured in an acid attack.

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