Monday, November 29, 2021


Indian farmers reinforce protest sites to mark year of demonstrations

Over the months, the main protest sites have come to resemble semi-permanent settlements, replete with community kitchens, barbershops and a reasonably well equipped hospital with an onsite doctor.

India to repeal agricultural reform laws after huge protests

Thousands of farmers had been camped out on the borders of the capital New Delhi since November 2020 in one of the biggest challenges to Modi's government.

Farmers struggle in the ‘rice bowl of Malaysia’

A lack of seed supply and rising prices are posing a challenge to farmers in the state of Kedah.

Indian farmers to step up protests after 8 killed in clashes

Four of the eight were killed when a car linked to a senior ruling party official crashed into protesters in Uttar Pradesh state, protest leaders said.

After fire and floods, Aussie farmers suffer devastating mouse plague

Farmers say the numbers of mice this year have been 'just astronomical'.

No cash, no crops: Sarawak farmers struggle with lockdown woes

For many, the question has become whether to risk infection or die of starvation.

Climate activist, ‘the face of India’s crackdown on dissent’, granted bail after arrest

Activists have called her arrest a warning to those who want to show support for anti-government protests and an 'attack on democracy'.

India’s Modi invites protesting farmers for talks as wheat and rice overstocks remain unsold

Protesting farmers accuse the government of introducing new laws to help large private retailers.

Indian police start criminal conspiracy probe into Greta Thunberg’s accidental re-tweet

The message asked her to tag other celebrities about the protests, including pop star Rihanna.

Heavy security, roads closed after farmer riots in India

The farmers, mostly from northern Indian states including Punjab, want new agricultural reforms scrapped that they fear will leave them at the mercy of big corporations.

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