Saturday, September 18, 2021


People living in famine-like conditions rose sixfold in 2020, says rights group

Oxfam calculates that 11 people a minute are likely dying from acute hunger, compared to seven people a minute from Covid-19.

North Korea facing ‘harsh lean period’, says UN food body

North Korea is projected to produce a 'near-average level' of 5.6 million tonnes of grain this year, around 1.1 million tonnes short of the amount needed to feed its entire population.

Sanctions, food shortages raise fears of North Korean famine

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has called for another 'arduous march', echoing the phrase used to describe the nineties famine when starving citizens were forced to eat tree bark to stay alive.

UN sees emergency aid needs exploding due to pandemic

For the first time since the 1990s, extreme poverty is set to rise, life expectancy will fall and the annual death toll from HIV, tuberculosis and malaria could potentially double.

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