Saturday, September 25, 2021


‘Terrified’ Dubai princesses’ phone numbers found ‘among Pegasus spyware’

Their numbers are apparently on a list of some 50,000 people believed to be of interest to clients of Israeli-based firm NSO Group.

Dubai princess says through law firm she is ‘free to travel’

In the statement attributed to her lawyers, Sheikha Latifa says she hopes she can live her life 'in peace without further media scrutiny'.

Photo appears to show Dubai’s Sheikha Latifa on trip abroad

Two other photos purportedly showing Latifa were also published last month.

UN wants ‘concrete’ proof of life for Dubai princess from father

There are allegations that he has kept her prisoner for three years to prevent her from leaving Dubai.

Model Rusia dicekup berkait sesi bogel di balkoni menara Dubai

Model-model itu bakal menghadapi pertuduhan melakukan perbuatan tidak senonoh di khalayak umum.

Breaking nudes: women arrested for hot Dubai balcony show

Among the charges the group faces is public debauchery for allegedly violating the country’s uber-strict decency laws.

‘Everyone is freaking out’: Saudi Arabia’s ultimatum rattles international businesses

Saudi has given up trying to tempt international companies to the kingdom, and is now requiring them to relocate if they want billion dollar contracts.

Dubai’s captive princess urges UK cops to reopen disappeared sister’s kidnap case

Diplomatic 'sensitivities' mean the police are experiencing difficulties making any further progress.

Dubai princess says being held against her will by her father

Latifa's friends have voiced concern that secret messages from her have stopped coming,

Dubai airport reports 70% fall in passenger numbers amid pandemic

The number of travellers that passed through the major transit hub fell from more than 86 million in 2019 to 25.9 million in 2020.

Saudi Arabia, Gulf neighbours launch new restrictions as virus surges after New Year fun

Despite having some of the highest per capita vaccination rates in the world, health professionals are warning that the surge may be an early indicator of a second wave.

Reality catching up with Dubai’s dreams as Covid-19 rampages among skyscrapers

Dubai’s ruling sheikh has declared that widespread vaccination, not movement controls, will 'accelerate the full recovery of our country'.

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