Monday, August 2, 2021


Myanmar junta chief says new elections in 2 years

The announcement would place Myanmar in the military's grip for nearly two and a half years instead of the initial one-year timeline the army announced days after the coup.

Myanmar junta cancels results of 2020 polls won by Suu Kyi’s party

But it did not say whether fresh polls in the country of 54 million would be held.

Myanmar junta releases thousands of jailed anti-coup protesters

Almost 6,500 have been arrested in a crackdown by the State Administration Council, according to a local monitoring group.

Myanmar violence escalating with rise of ‘self-defence’ groups, report says

The International Crisis Group warns that the human cost 'will be enormous'.

Myanmar village burned down in clashes with military

Some reports say the fire was so large it was recorded by Nasa's satellite fire-tracking system.

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi goes on trial for sedition in junta court

If convicted on all counts, the Nobel laureate and democracy icon, 75, could be jailed for more than a decade.

Jordan prince sought Saudi help for coup, says court charge

While Hamzah, the king's half-brother, will not face trial, his alleged role will be central to the trial.

Myanmar junta demands international doctors stop caring for sick in south

Almost all public medical facilities across Myanmar have been closed in the wake of the Feb 1 coup.

Southeast Asian nations oppose UN arms embargo on Myanmar

Human Rights Watch denounces Asean for lobbying to remove the arms embargo provision from the UN resolution.

Coup claim as Samoa’s first female elected PM locked out of parliament

The prime minister of 22 years is ignoring a court order to step down and hand over power.

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi defiant in first comments since coup

She says her National League for Democracy party will exist as long as people exist because it was founded for the people.

More than 125,000 Myanmar teachers suspended for opposing military coup

Around 19,500 university staff have also been suspended, according to the teachers' group.

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