Saturday, September 25, 2021


CoronaVac jab less effective against Gamma variant, study shows

Gamma was able to escape the antibodies of almost all the participants who had received only one dose, as well as those vaccinated in 2020.

Beijing slams ‘slanderous’ US ‘ineffective Chinese vaccines’ report

The New York Times blamed China’s 'ineffective' vaccines for resurgent Covid-19 outbreaks in several countries.

WHO luluskan penggunaan kecemasan vaksin Sinovac

Vaksin Sinovac terbukti selamat, berkesan dan mempunyai kualiti terjamin.

Covid deaths in Brazil town plunge 95% after most adults vaccinated

The findings suggest the pandemic can be controlled after 75% of people are fully dosed.

China’s Sinovac Covid-19 jab underperforms in Brazil trials

Sinovac has already exported approximately 120 million doses to 19 different countries,

Health experts move to ease fears over ‘Made in China’ vaccine

Concerns have been raised over its relatively low efficacy rate and its origins in a country known for cheap production.

Indonesia kicks off second wave of Covid-19 vaccinations

Medical teams are now focusing on workers in close contact with the public and people over 60.

Penggunaan virus tak aktif dalam vaksin Covid-19 lebih selamat, kata pakar

Vaksin virus tidak aktif ini telah terbukti teknologinya sejak 40 tahun lepas.

Remote Amazon forest tribe gets CoronaVac shots as death toll climbs

Just this one Amazon River village has seen 37 residents die of Covid-19 and some 2,000 more infected.

Indonesian doctors wary as Chinese Sinovac jabs start

Many health professionals want more information to address their concerns over how long immunity lasts and how it lessens over time.

Jangan terburu-buru dengan vaksin China, kata pakar

Malaysia sudah membeli 14 juta dos vaksin CoronaVac, tetapi penggunaannya tertakluk kepada kelulusan NPRA.

China’s CoronaVac vaccine shows just 50% efficacy in Brazil

As wealthy countries snap up vaccines developed in the West, others are pinning their hopes on cheaper Chinese vaccines.

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