Friday, January 21, 2022

budget 2021

The year when the Agong played by the book as the nation’s boss

Sultan Abdullah took great pains to prove that he is not a mere ceremonial head, and yet remained true to his constitutional role.

Our stories that got the nation talking

MalaysiaNow gave the last 100 days of an eventful 2020 the stories that sparked national debate.

2020, an unprecedented year filled with unprecedented measures

The combination of politics, public health and economic issues has made 2020 a year unlike any other.

PN closing ranks but PH in disarray, analysts say post-budget

Differences within the PH coalition are becoming apparent even as PN condolidates its strength, they say.

Don’t waste time on ruling MPs, say Mat Sabu, Guan Eng in veiled jibe at Anwar

They instead urge PH to build its strength with opposition parties outside of the coalition.

Govt scores narrow victory in final budget vote

The third reading of the budget was passed with 111 votes against 108 and one absentee.

Dr M, Ku Li offer to ‘bring back the tiger in us’

But the two elderly politicians offer few details of their plan ahead of the final vote on the 2021 budget tomorrow.

Defence, home ministry budgets passed by voice vote

The allocations were passed after debate among 10 MPs.

FT budget passed after PH MPs refuse to vote

110 MPs voted in support of it while seven voted against it, 31 abstained and 72 were absent.

Speaker confirms PKR MP, 2 ministers may attend Dewan Rakyat despite quarantine

The trio will be placed in a special room to follow the last leg of debate on the 2021 budget.

Communications ministry budget passed after debate on rebranded Jasa

A total of 107 MPs voted in support of the allocation while 100 were against it and 13 absent.

Dewan Rakyat passes motion to reduce Jasa allocation

The motion was passed by a majority vote after being debated by six MPs, three each from the government and opposition blocs.

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