Monday, December 6, 2021


US, Europe expand sanctions on Belarus for ‘migrant smuggling’

The sanctions target senior security and justice officials, prominent media figures, a son of Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko, defence-related firms and a major fertiliser exporter.

IOC expels two Belarus coaches for trying to force sprinter to return home

She was bundled to the airport, where she received a message from her grandmother telling her it was too dangerous for her to come home.

Olympic sprinter refuses ‘forced’ flight home after criticising coaches

She said she's afraid to return to Belarus and is now reportedly considering seeking asylum in Europe.

EU cuts air links with Belarus over forced plane landing

EU leaders also warn they will adopt further 'targeted economic sanctions' against the Belarusian authorities.

Belarus journalist arrested after fighter jet intercepts his Ryanair flight

Belarus media said a fighter jet escorted the passenger aircraft to Minsk because of a bomb scare but no explosives were found.

Kidnapped Belarus opposition leader rips up passport to avoid forcible expulsion to Ukraine

Border officials claimed she had been trying to flee the country, but colleagues said authorities want to exile her as this is necessary to de-escalate the situation in Belarus.

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