Thursday, January 20, 2022


Flight in US delayed by teens refusing to wear masks

The incident reflects a general decline in civility on board planes, according to US carriers.

12 killed in Myanmar military plane crash

The crash has been blamed on 'bad weather'.

Missile must have downed MH17, judges say

An international investigation previously concluded that a BUK missile that had originally come from the Russian army's 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade based in the city of Kursk was responsible.

Trial in MH17 crash to start hearing evidence

The trial formally began in March 2020 but has so far been dealing with legal arguments, mainly about the admissibility of evidence in the crash in which 298 passengers and crew were killed.

Muslim woman sues airline for ‘religious profiling’ over exit row

Muslim groups claim this is another textbook example of the perils of 'Flying while Muslim'.

Creepy critters cause problems for engineers maintaining superjumbos stored in desert

Qantas estimates the A380s won't return to the skies until 2023, when demand for international travel has recovered.

Business class bat on Air India flight causes a flap

An official for Air India speculated that the bat may have entered the aircraft when it was being loaded with in-flight catering.

Indonesian plane feared crashed after losing contact

The plane took off on Saturday afternoon and a search and rescue operation began with no official results available on Saturday night.

Futuristic Flying-V jetliner model completes first test flight

The reduced weight and unique shape of the Flying-V could see it use 20% less fuel than an Airbus A350, the most advanced commercial aircraft in action today.

Flying not so risky infection-wise but be prepared to shield up

Most airlines agree that the best advice for passengers is to wear a mask, wash their hands regularly and check in online.

Are you ready for a flight simulator for passengers?

AMC Games are about to release a flight simulator where you are a passenger flying economy class on a commercial airliner.

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