Thursday, October 21, 2021


Calls for unity as divided US marks 20th anniversary of 9/11

The service at Ground Zero where 2,753 people died took place under tight security, with Lower Manhattan effectively locked down.

20 years after 9/11, is Malaysia ready for a similar attack?

An expert does not rule out the possibility of attempts to replicate the 2001 attacks on the New York twin towers, but believes Malaysia is more prepared now.

Biden calls for unity ahead of 9/11 anniversary

He and the first lady will go to the three locations of the Sept 11, 2001 attacks: New York, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

From zero to 92 counter-terrorism laws for Australia post-9/11

Do more counter-terrorism laws make people safer?

Trial of accused 9/11 mastermind restarts, days before 20th anniversary

Attorneys say the defendants – Mohammed, Ammar al-Baluchi, Walid bin Attash, Ramzi bin al-Shibh and Mustafa al-Hawsawi – are all weak and suffer the lasting effects of severe torture endured in CIA 'black' sites.

‘I’m not afraid of terrorism. I’m afraid of being accused of being a terrorist’: Growing up Muslim after 9/11

Students in Australia speak of the pressure to self-censor and manage political and religious expression at school.

Biden orders release of secret 9/11 documents

Declassification must take place over the next six months.

US issues new terrorism threat warning ahead of 9/11 anniversary

It cites increased use of 'online forums to influence and spread violent extremist narratives and promote violent activity'.

US to review classified 9/11 documents for possible publication

The FBI's commitment is part of a legal battle waged by relatives of Sept 11 victims against Saudi Arabia and other nations they believe were accomplices.

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