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Umno, the next 'backdoor govt'?

Why call the previous administration a backdoor government when Umno is doing just that now?

Sulaiman Yusoff
2 minute read

When my family and I went to the polls recently, we had great hope and belief that once and for all, we would be able to get rid of all those who had court cases hanging above their heads.

We had hopes of a clean and fair government, one that would be free of any baggage and only have the people's interests at heart.

However, after the results, we feel like the entire electoral process was absolutely pointless as those we were out to get rid of are back in the picture.

And the party which had been promising everyone a better tomorrow has finally revealed its true colours and is now more than willing to sleep with the enemy.

Is this being done for the good of the nation or to fulfil an individual's undying quest for power and another's endless attempt to stay clear of doing jail time?

Once again, the people are made the fools and left wondering and waiting.

We voted for change and for a government that could help steer the nation back on track following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Back then, when the premiership was held by Bersatu, Umno was only too eager to oust the administration and return to power.

The reason for that was as clear then as it is today. It was simply to help keep certain individuals free from jail, nothing else.

And now, shamelessly, Pakatan Harapan (PH) leaders who swore against Umno are willing to turn their backs just so they can enter into power again.

We, the people, are being treated like fools. We do not want criminals back in the administration.

Are PH leaders so low that they are willing to do anything and sell out the electorate just so they can get back in Putrajaya?

This is really upsetting and humiliating. After all, in reality Perikatan Nasional (PN) clearly won more seats and this is the choice of the electorate.

BN was sidelined and, using a backdoor, it is now trying to crawl back into the corridors of power.

Why call the previous administration a backdoor government when Umno is doing just that now?

And PH is welcoming them with open arms, forgetting everything that was once said and done between them.

It is clear and obvious why voters rejected BN and opted for PN instead. If Anwar Ibrahim is going to bed with Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, then it is best that the premiership be given to Muhyiddin Yassin.

After all, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Muhyiddin proved himself and was able to handle the situation well enough.

For us, the electorate, we would rather a leader who is tested and proven, than one who is willing to sleep with the enemy and one who is ridden with charges in court.

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