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A pleasant vaccination experience at WTC in KL

The Astrazeneca vaccination process at WTC Kuala Lumpur was both pleasant and quick thanks to the well-trained staff and reassuring doctors.

Lisa Liow
2 minute read

I got my Astrazeneca Covid-19 vaccine earlier this week at WTC Kuala Lumpur and I must say that it was a pleasant experience. At first, I was rather nervous about the experience.

Upon arrival, there were clear signs to help direct us to the actual location. Friendly staff were also on hand to direct vaccine recipients to the appropriate queues and tell them what to do next, such as scanning their MySejahtera app.

Next came the consultation with a doctor. Mine was very patient explaining to me the risks and possible side effects, as well as the benefit of getting the vaccine. I imagine the doctor would have repeated the same words hundreds of times by now, but I got the impression that she was saying it for the first time, based on her enthusiasm.

Based on feedback from my other friends who had also gotten the vaccination, they also encountered many patient and kind doctors as well as other PPV staff. They must have been very well trained or briefed.

The vaccination process was quick and hurt only a little, as would any other kind of injection. After that, we were held in an observation area to monitor for adverse side effects for about 30 minutes. We were also guided on how to update the MySejahtera app after the vaccination.

From the time of my arrival, the whole process took less than two hours. My anxiety was reduced by the whole process which was systematic and quick. Of course, the assuring presence of the PPV staff, especially the doctors, did wonders.

For that, we should give credit to the vaccination team for doing a good job. Hopefully, the pleasant experience will spur more Malaysians to register for vaccination, which is a crucial move to turn the tide in our battle against the coronavirus.

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