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DAP rejects calls to renounce 'Malaysian Malaysia'

DAP leader Anthony Loke says those in the coalition government have already agreed not to touch on the constitutions of other parties.

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DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke. Photo: Bernama
DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke. Photo: Bernama

DAP has rejected a suggestion by Umno and MCA leaders to renounce its "Malaysian Malaysia" slogan over arguments that it would hinder its quest to gain the support of the Malays.

DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke said an understanding had been reached that parties would not touch on the principles or constitution of other parties ahead of the formation of political cooperation.

He said Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had also agreed to this, while DAP itself had explained its principles to address a number of claims.

"DAP champions these principles, including the position of Islam as the official religion, Malay as the national language, and Article 153 of the Federal Constitution," he was quoted as saying by Berita Harian during a ceramah programme in Muar, Johor, yesterday.

Umno Supreme Council member Nur Jazlan Mohamed had said in a defence of his party that others in the coalition government also needed to change if they wanted to be accepted by the Malays.

"Throughout my observations, both direct and indirect, while chatting with friends and Umno members themselves, I have felt that the Malays, for decades, are still traumatised by the sentiments of the secular state and Malaysian Malaysia championed by DAP," Nur Jazlan said in a Facebook post on Aug 30.

"When I spoke with Malay voters in Selangor (at the last state election) and in Johor (while campaigning), the majority of them said that they cannot easily accept DAP's political ways, which, for them, are still tied to the notion that it is a Chinese party."

MCA president Ti Lian Ker, meanwhile, said DAP should reassess its pledge, among others, to do away with the Bumiputera and quota systems.

"If Malaysian Malaysia is as per DAP's promises of doing away with Bumiputera and quota or bringing back English as the official language, etc., then it is time for DAP to admit their mistakes and be truthful to all Malaysian Malaysia once and for all," he said.

Ti said today that DAP should be careful about portraying itself as a victim. He also urged it not to shift attention from the main question of the Malays' continued resistance to the party.

"Don't sidestep, avoid, or ignore the elephant in the room. Please address the issues raised in the spirit of transparency and accountability to the rakyat that you have promised.

"Don't camouflage or shield behind 'unity government' or the sensitivity of '3Rs' as we have matured."