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After exposé, local ganja shop asks customers for video verification

Customers are urged to 'verify' themselves in order to stay in the group and unlock other perks and benefits.

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Customers are shown how to upload a video of themselves smoking ganja for verification purposes.
Customers are shown how to upload a video of themselves smoking ganja for verification purposes.

A dealer selling cannabis through Telegram appears to have upped the terms and conditions of sales by asking customers to verify their authenticity by sending videos of themselves smoking the drug.

"Verify now and get to stay in the group, keep in touch with GG and unlock exclusive benefits!" the dealer said in a message posted to some 2,100 subscribers. 

Perks after verification include "1g buds for free on your next order", membership of "exclusive channels/groups for maximum security and benefits", "promotions" and "many more".

"Develop trust between each other before anything!" the dealer added. "Quickly verify yourself and gain trust before dealing!"

It also included a sample video demonstrating to customers how to "verify" themselves. 

MalaysiaNow is attempting to obtain a response from the police as well as AmBank, under whose services the shop is conducting its transactions.

MalaysiaNow previously reported that drug dealers and sellers had begun to leverage online platforms and applications such as Telegram and Instagram to sell illicit goods.

Checks of one such group found discounts and user testimonials shared nearly every day by the anonymous administrator.

Customers would then contact the administrator's account through direct messaging.

While there has been debate on legalising cannabis for medical purposes, Malaysia still has some of the toughest laws against the substance. 

Anyone found in possession of 200g of marijuana is presumed to be trafficking illegal drugs and could face the death sentence, while those in possession of 50g or less face imprisonment of up to 10 years.