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Election machinery of PN components to move under coalition banner

This covers Bersatu, Gerakan, PAS, SAPP and STAR, Perikatan Nasional chairman Muhyiddin Yassin says.

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Perikatan Nasional chairman Muhyiddin Yassin.
Perikatan Nasional chairman Muhyiddin Yassin.

The Perikatan Nasional (PN) Presidential Council has agreed that the election machinery of its component parties should move in the name of the coalition during the 15th general election (GE15).

PN chairman Muhyiddin Yassin said the matter was decided during the Presidential Council meeting yesterday as well as the Bersatu political bureau meeting which took place after that.

"Earlier we had a meeting to discuss the preparations for GE15. When it will be held, we don't know, but this (preparation for GE15) is nothing new. We have already discussed it several times but today it was done in more detail.

"We have agreed at the PN level that the machinery at all levels will move in the name of PN, comprising component parties Bersatu, PAS, Gerakan, Parti Maju Sabah (SAPP) and Parti Solidariti Tanah AirKu (STAR). That’s what we have set," he told reporters after the meeting.

Also present at the Presidential Council meeting were PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, PN election director Mohamed Azmin Ali, PN secretary-general Hamzah Zainudin, Bersatu vice-presidents Ronald Kiandee and Radzi Jidin and Gerakan president Dominic Lau Hoe Chai.
On whether PAS would remain in PN to face GE15, Muhyiddin replied: "God willing, we will remain steadfast."