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Khairy to step aside for Tok Mat in Rembau

He says he will now have to look for another constituency in which to run, although he accepts the possibility of not contesting at all in GE15.

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Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin.
Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin.

Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin today confirmed that he will not be defending his parliamentary seat in the 15th general election (GE15). 

Khairy, who is health minister, said he had been asked to give way to Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan, to allow him to contest the seat. 

"Since he (Mohammad) is the Rembau Umno division leader and I am his deputy, he has requested that I find another place (to contest) as he wants to contest in Rembau.

"I have no objection," Khairy said at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur. 

When asked about which parliamentary seat he would contest in GE15, Khairy, who had held the Rembau seat since 2008, said he did not know yet. 

"I have been in politics in Rembau for over 20 years, and for almost 15 years I have been the MP for Rembau. Now, I have to look for a constituency that is willing to accept me.

"Worst case scenario, I don't contest at all and I am fine," he added.

Khairy, a former Umno Youth chief, said that as a Umno member, he would abide by the decision of party and Barisan Nasional leadership regarding his candidacy and which seat to contest in GE15.