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I’m clean, DAP rep insists after arrest in nightclub raid

Pasir Bedamar assemblyman Terence Naidu nevertheless says he is ready to be suspended so that his party will not be dragged into the matter.

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Pasir Bedamar assemblyman Terence Naidu. Photo: Facebook
Pasir Bedamar assemblyman Terence Naidu. Photo: Facebook

Pasir Bedamar assemblyman Terence Naidu today apologised for his recent arrest and positive drug test during a raid at a nightclub in Penang earlier this week, insisting however that he had not voluntarily taken any illegal substances.

Naidu, who was one of 48 patrons arrested at the nightclub in Prai, said he had been invited to meet some friends who were also clients for a Chinese New Year dinner meet-up in Penang.

Upon reaching Prai, he said, he was taken to the nightclub in question.

“I was hesitant to enter the premises at first but eventually did so,” he said, adding that he had not taken an illegal substances.

In a statement, he said he had been poured “an unusual drink” which he did not consume after tasting.

“I found out the following day that while I was in the toilet, someone had also come to my table and topped up my drinking glass.”

Adding that he had made a police report on the matter, naming an eye witness who confirmed the incident, Naidu said he had asked the police to investigate the issue and that the public should assess his statement and come to their own conclusions.

“I was shocked when I was told that my urine tested positive as I don’t even smoke,” he said.

Adding that he would readily submit himself for suspension so that his party, DAP, would not be dragged into the matter, he nonetheless said he would defend himself to prove his innocence.

“Nothing has changed, and I shall carry out my duties to my electorate and will stand by position that drugs have and will always be a social issue, while continuing the fight against this.”