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Ban on election gatherings isn’t suppression of democracy, says Sarawak PBB leader

Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah says he would support a ban on political gatherings if one is imposed for the Sarawak election.

Nur Shazreena Ali
1 minute read
PBB vice-president Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah. Photo: Facebook
PBB vice-president Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah. Photo: Facebook

Sarawak Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) vice-president Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah today said he would support any move by the health ministry to ban political gatherings if such a decision is made for the election in the state.

Speaking at a press conference in Kuching, he said such precautions are necessary, and that a ban on these activities is not a suppression of democracy.

“It doesn’t mean that if we can’t campaign like before, democracy has become flawed,” he said.

“If you go to some other countries, they don’t even have the kind of campaigning that we do. Sometimes we have a little more campaigning here. If you go to Japan or some other countries, you don’t see this kind of campaigning.”

Karim added that a ban on physical gatherings would be fair as it would apply to all political parties.

“There should be no problem,” he said. “For me, it’s good.”

He said the important thing is for the voters to know who the candidates are and the parties that they represent.

“From there, they will be able to see for themselves who they want to vote for.”