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Govt considering new controlled price for Covid self-test kits before year-end

Discussions are underway for a new ceiling price ahead of the expected date in December.

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Covid-19 rapid self-test kits are currently capped at RM19.90 for retail and RM16 for wholesale.
Covid-19 rapid self-test kits are currently capped at RM19.90 for retail and RM16 for wholesale.

The government is considering a new controlled price for Covid-19 self-test kits ahead of the expected date in December, says Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Rosol Wahid.

He said discussions on the matter involving various stakeholders are underway.

Rosol said the opening of the economic, tourism and education sectors in stages and relaxation of SOPs set under the National Recovery Plan would make Covid-19 self-test kits an essential item in the new normal.

“Therefore, the government is always concerned about ensuring that consumers can get the kits at a better price and about business continuity for the industry players,” he said in a statement.

On the enforcement of the Covid-19 self-test kit price controls which came into effect on Sept 5, Rosol said of 3,106 premises checked, 348 were found to be selling the kits at below RM19.90 per unit and RM16 each for wholesale, while 2,554 sold them at the prices set by the government.

“The ministry welcomes the initiative taken by industry players in helping reduce the burden of the people by offering the kits at a lower price,” he said.

Rosol also said that from October onwards, self-test kits would be available not only at pharmacies and clinics, but also at other types of premises such as supermarkets and convenience shops.

“However, the ministry must first ensure that these premises have sufficient information on the conditions for the sale of the Covid-19 self-test kits, including complying with the product labelling requirements and handling methods to facilitate the public in getting the items,” he said.