Tuesday, May 17, 2022

1MDB whistleblower tells Najib to get a ‘thorough mental health check-up’

Xavier Justo hits back after the former prime minister accuses him of stealing data in exchange for money from a UK-based businessman.

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The former director of PetroSaudi International who turned whistleblower in the 1MDB scandal has launched a scathing attack on Najib Razak after the former prime minister accused him of stealing data in exchange for money from a UK-based businessman.

“You are still writing lies about me, and about others. They [sic] could be two reasons for doing so. The first one is that you think that by repeating lies they will be transformed into reality. The second option is that ageing has some memory consequences for you,” wrote Xavier Justo, whose act of leaking tens of thousands of documents was central to unveiling shocking details in the 1MDB scandal.

Najib had said in a Facebook post that a spiteful Justo had stolen emails from PetroSaudi after he was “fired” from the company.

“Later a British man named Kamal Sidiqqi contacted Justo so that Justo could sell the PetroSaudi data he stole to Clare Brown from Sarawak Report,” Najib had said.

Najib also said that none of the documents or emails that Justo had leaked pointed to wrongdoing by him in the 1MDB scandal.

But Justo said there had been evidence in courts including in Switzerland, Malaysia and the US that would prove Najib’s guilt.

He also posted a screenshot of his resignation email in 2011, saying Najib should go for a thorough mental health check-up.

“I hope this will at least stop you from claiming that I was fired as you can see that I resigned.

“Other proofs of your lies are in the courts so I don’t feel compelled to expose them here,” he added.

He accused Najib of conspiring with Saudi national and PetroSaudi CEO Tarek Obaid and Patrick Mahony, another director in the company, in forcing him to mention Siddiqi’s name in a confession.

Both Obaid and Mahony have been charged in Malaysia alongside fugitive Low Taek Jho, or Jho Low, over their alleged involvement in siphoning off money from 1MDB.

Justo said Najib was also being disrespectful towards Siddiqi’s family who was still mourning his recent death.

“He was a great fan of Malaysia and his people but the difference between him and you (I will include Jho Low, Tarek Obaid and Patrick Mahony in the you) is that he never took money from the Malaysian people,” he added.

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