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Malaysia outperforming developed countries in terms of daily vaccination rate

Malaysia is also doing better than the global rate in terms of a rolling seven-day average of vaccine jabs per 100 people.

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Based on a rolling seven-day average of vaccine doses administered per 100 people, Malaysia is currently outperforming the global rate and doing better than other developed countries, data from Our World in Data shows.

As of Aug 1, Malaysia was administering 1.6 doses per 100 people, ahead of neighbouring Singapore (1.09, July 31), Japan (0.74) and South Korea (0.78, July 31).

It was also ahead of the global average (0.51).

Western countries UK and US, meanwhile, had averages of 0.31 (July 31) and 0.20 respectively.

Canada meanwhile was administering 0.73 doses of Covid-19 vaccine per 100 people.

Malaysia’s daily vaccination rate has been averaging about half a million doses, with 22% of the population fully vaccinated as of Aug 2.

At least 21,668,999 vaccine doses have been administered under the National Covid-19 Immunisation programme since its launch on Feb 24, with the government aiming to fully vaccinate 50% of the adult population by the end of the month and 100% by October.

Some 31% of adults have completed both doses of vaccine while 62% have received a first shot.

Malaysia is considered a late starter compared to developed countries which began their vaccination drives much earlier.

Singapore began its immunisation campaign on Dec 30, 2020 while the US and Canada administered their first shots of vaccine on Dec 14.

The UK began even earlier, on Dec 8.