Thursday, February 11, 2021

First made-in-Malaysia armoured vehicle unveiled

The Mildef HMAV4x4 is equipped with futuristic artillery, grenade and mine blast functions.

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First made-in-Malaysia armoured vehicle unveiled

The Mildef HMAV4x4 is equipped with futuristic artillery, grenade and mine blast functions.

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A Kuala Lumpur-based company unveiled the first Malaysia-made armoured vehicle today, complete with futuristic artillery, grenade and mine blast functions.

Mildef International Technologies, which specialises in providing automotive services for the defence industry, hopes its product the Mildef HMAV4x4 will lower Malaysia’s dependency on international suppliers and resolve the problem of spare parts and after sales support due to a host of international defence procedures.

The company said the 4×4 high-mobility armoured vehicle, made for both local and international markets, performs well on man-made as well as natural terrains.

“A lot of countries face problems when it comes to after-sales support. If we need spare parts from overseas, we require an export licence, a Nato number and other things. The lead time taken to receive these items is also very long,” Mildef CEO Mohd Nizam Kasa told MalaysiaNow.

“We rely too much on international suppliers which will become an issue in terms of after-sales support within the army service. To resolve this, Malaysia needs to manufacture its own 4×4 armoured vehicles.”

An interior view of the Mildef HMAV4x4.

The company said the Mildef HMAV4x4 comes with a power-to-weight ratio of 24 horsepower/tonne, and a high ground clearance to easily run over obstacles.

The vehicle uses a Remote Control Weapon Station (RCWS), enabling it to fire in full rotation while moving.

It also guarantees the safety of gunners while shooting a target using a remote control and display for their aid.

The vehicle is able to travel at speeds of over 110km/h during combat missions.

Mildef hopes to enter the Asean market before exploring opportunities in other regions.

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