Sunday, November 29, 2020

Agong rules no emergency, but warns politicians out to disrupt stability

The king says politicians should immediately cease any politicking that could disrupt the stability of the nation's administration.

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Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah today said he felt there was no need to declare a state of emergency to help authorities in efforts to fight Covid-19, saying the government under Muhyiddin Yassin has so far done a good job in battling the deadly pandemic.

“That being the case, His Majesty would like to remind politicians to immediately cease all politicking that will disrupt the stability of the nation’s administration,” said a statement released by Istana Negara.

This comes shortly after the Agong’s meeting with fellow rulers at Istana Negara today to discuss a proposal for him to use his constitutional powers to declare a state of emergency to scale back politicking that could disrupt the war against Covid-19.

The proposal to the Agong was submitted on the back of fears that the budget to be tabled next month could be shot down by a handful of MPs, resulting in the collapse of the government and eventual snap polls.

MalaysiaNow earlier reported that senior health officials had warned against any move to hold a general election during the pandemic, which has so far claimed 229 lives.

Sultan Abdullah today praised the government for the way it had handled the pandemic.

“His Majesty believes that the government led by the prime minister has the ability to implement policies and actions to stop the spread of Covid-19,” said the statement by Comptroller of the Royal Household, Ahmad Fadil Shamsuddin.

The Agong also reminded MPs that the budget to be tabled on Nov 6 was critical to restoring the economy ravaged by Covid-19.

“The financial allocations are much needed by the frontliners to ensure the smooth execution of their duties and responsibilities.

“Indeed, Sultan Abdullah is concerned by the people’s anxiety over the sharp increase of new Covid-19 clusters and daily positive cases in the country,” the statement added.

The king also urged all quarters to set aside their differences and play their respective roles to help the government battle Covid-19.

Meanwhile, MalaysiaNow has learnt that Muhyiddin has called all menteris besar and chief ministers for a meeting tomorrow, in what is believed to be related to a looming state of emergency.

The meeting with state leaders will take place at 9.30am, followed by a special Cabinet meeting two hours later.

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