Thursday, April 22, 2021


Pandemic season at the zoo

The Melaka Zoo has been empty of human chatter for a long time since its closure due to Covid-19 restrictions, and the loss of income from ticket sales means it's a struggle to keep the animals healthy. That task now rests on the shoulders of these committed zoo workers, who feed, wash, and treat the adorable and the fierce alike every day.

Zoo Melaka kekurangan sumber, orang ramai mula hulur bantuan

Zoo Melaka memerlukan kira-kira RM100,000 bagi menampung bekalan makanan, kos penyelenggaraan dan perubatan setiap bulan.

Four lions test positive for Covid at Barcelona zoo

They suffered only mild symptoms and have since recovered, the zoo says.

Frank Sinatra helps jumbo jumbo leave hellhole zoo after 28 years in chains

The vets say Kaavan is in reasonable condition overall although he is obese and his toenails are cracked.

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