Thursday, April 22, 2021

Zahid Hamidi

Umno could implement 2009 ruling to force ‘court cluster’ to take leave

A statement by the party's Supreme Council had said that leaders who are facing charges can be suspended until their cases are dismissed.

Dr M on Zahid, Anwar, Najib, Muhyiddin and Azmin

Dr Mahathir Mohamad recently sat down with MalaysiaNow to air his views on the latest political developments in Malaysia. Here are excerpts from the interview touching on five political figures in the news.

No surprise, Anwar talks to Najib too, says Dr M on phone call

The former PM also questions the PKR leader's ability to obtain the numbers needed to take over Putrajaya.

Anwar-Zahid phone tap an invasion of privacy, says PKR’s Maria

The Petaling Jaya MP calls for a probe into who tapped the phone conversation between the two leaders.

No comment, Anwar says on Azmin’s remarks on audio clip

The PKR president says his former deputy, who yesterday stated his belief that the clip is authentic, 'knows a lot about audio and videos'.

This was the worst Umno general assembly, Ismail Sabri tells members

He also questions Zahid Hamidi for attacking Umno Cabinet members in the wake of the president's call to cut ties with Bersatu.

I served him for so long, it’s Anwar in audio, says Azmin

The former PKR deputy president labels the conversation as Anwar's 'biggest betrayal' of PKR and Pakatan Harapan partners.

Rakaman audio tular Zahid-Anwar tak jejaskan hubungan parti kerajaan, kata menteri

Beliau berkata isu itu lebih kepada hubungan antara individu dengan individu.

Police to call up Zahid, Anwar over audio clip

Top cop says investigating officers are waiting for the right time to do so.

So what if phone call with Zahid is genuine, Anwar asks

Saying he has yet to lodge a police report to deny his involvement in the recording, the PKR leader adds that there was no crime committed.

Hard to deny, Rais Yatim says on voices in leaked phone call

The Dewan Negara president says many people recognise the voices of Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Anwar Ibrahim.

Cops urge Zahid, Anwar to lodge report on leaked phone call

Top cop Abdul Hamid Bador says action will be taken only when the individuals involved have lodged their reports.

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