Saturday, December 4, 2021


YouTube blocks all anti-vaccine content

Examples of content that won't be allowed on YouTube include claims that the flu vaccine causes infertility and that the MMR shot can cause autism.

YouTube says 1 million ‘dangerous’ videos on Covid-19 removed

The Google-owned video platform says it relies on 'expert consensus from health organisations'.

YouTube suspends popular news broadcaster, citing ‘Covid-19 denial’

Sky News Australia allegedly uploaded videos denying the existence of Covid-19 and encouraging people to use untested experimental drugs to treat the virus.

Tech giants’ profits soar in pandemic boom but regulation looms

Analysts say it's likely that these latest results will lead to further calls for regulatory scrutiny to curb their dominance.

YouTube keeps recommending ‘regrettable’ videos to users

Researchers found that users in non-English-speaking countries were recommended 60% more 'regrettable' videos.

YouTube to roll out parent-approved accounts for tweens

The move responds to concerns about violence and other inappropriate content which may be viewed by minors on the massive video-sharing platform.

Bintang YouTube kanak-kanak jana pendapatan bagi keluarga

Pun begitu, Faizul tetap memastikan anak-anaknya tidak ketinggalan dalam pelajaran.

The child YouTube stars bringing home the big bucks

Faizul Raja Shahriman often tells his children that 'the money comes from what they do'.

Selepas Twitter, Facebook gantung akaun Trump kini giliran YouTube pula

Perkhidmatan perkongsian video itu mendakwa Trump baru-baru ini mencetuskan keganasan.

‘Uncle Roger’ sparks China censorship row with deleted video

Nigel Ng, popularly known as 'Uncle Roger', apologised to Chinese fans and removed a video featuring a fellow YouTube star who had been critical of Beijing.

Western social media giants increasingly forced to censor Vietnam posts, says Amnesty report

Vietnam authorities have never banned social media companies but are increasingly 'requesting' they restrict 'anti-state' posts.

Exiled Singaporean charged with paedophilia in US

Amos Yee believes that there is nothing immoral about paedophilia.

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