Monday, May 23, 2022


Are young voters really relevant or key to winning?

The government, political parties and civil societies have to think of creative ways to encourage, educate and mobilise more young voters under 30 to come out and vote.

In the age of Undi 18, youth is still no guarantee of election victory, analysts say

They say age, background and education are only bonus factors as voters are more inclined to consider personality and party.

Undi 18 to benefit PN at GE15, say analysts

They say those from the younger generation have no party loyalties and are more focused on current issues.

The Covid-19 recession: Rough times for young Malaysians

The Covid-19 recession of 2020 and the continuing travails of 2021 have compounded the already difficult conditions for young workers and fresh graduates.

EC told to implement Undi 18 by December, minister says

Law minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar says this is in line with the Kuching High Court's order last week.

Do you have darah muda in you?

Darah muda or young blood means more than wanting things to go quickly.

Teach the youth, it’s about more than individual leaders, Undi18 says on political apathy

Otherwise, it could be hard to convince the younger generation to become involved in politics even after the legal voting age is lowered.

Most youths don’t care about politics, politicians, survey finds

A majority believe politicians don't care about 'people like them' while still more say politics is 'complicated'.

More political awareness needed at school level, experts say as delays to Undi 18 continue

They urge the government to take advantage of the delays to help youth become more politically aware.

Youth ministry tables Cabinet proposal to separate Undi 18, automatic voter registration

Youth and Sports Minister Reezal Merican Naina Merican says all Cabinet members at the meeting expressed their support for Undi 18.

Undi 18: Ready or not, here they come?

What began as a unanimous vote in the halls of power now seems to be faltering as youth and lawmakers alike question how prepared teenagers are to help determine the country's future.

An emergency state of unpleasantness

As threats linger, the future of youths will continue to be uncertain due to actions they never asked for.

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