Tuesday, October 19, 2021


20 tahun berlalu, adakah Malaysia sedia berdepan serangan ala 11/9?

Pakar tidak menolak wujud percubaan untuk meniru serangan terhadap bangunan berkembar New York pada 2001, namun percaya Malaysia lebih bersedia ketika ini.

When unicorns and fairies began giving Covid-19 jabs

Bad experiences with government institutions are a dime a dozen but the men and women behind the national Covid-19 vaccination programme provide a glimpse of what the country could be.

Claims of reduced AstraZeneca doses under probe

The Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force says action will be taken against anyone who does not meet the set standards or violates regulations.

A pleasant vaccination experience at WTC in KL

The Astrazeneca vaccination process at WTC Kuala Lumpur was both pleasant and quick thanks to the well-trained staff and reassuring doctors.

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