Monday, September 27, 2021

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Facebook delays return to campus as Delta variant rages

It says its approach for returning to the office is driven by 'data, not dates'.

Google ‘pay calculator’ to reduce pay of staff who do not return to office

Employees who choose to work from home or even move to cheaper regions will likely be subject to a salary cut.

Top global bank offers permanent hybrid working to new employees

Other banks want their workers back in the office and fully vaccinated.

Facebook extends its work-at-home policy to all employees who can do so

Companies are beginning to acknowledge that there will be no going back to pre-Covid working practices.

Apple faces employee resistance in office return plan

At least 80 employees have signed a letter calling for more flexibility for those who have been working remotely for more than a year.

Proposal for action against bosses who defy WFH order to be brought to NSC

Human Resources Minister M Saravanan says currently, only the health ministry has the power to act against employers who violate the SOPs.

LinkedIn gives staff week off for well-being

LinkedIn does not expect employees to begin returning to its offices until September, and plans to make it standard practice to let them work from home as much as half of the time.

Unemployed but working 24 hours a day, the new norm for mums

Parental stress and maternal burnout lurk around the corner as mothers struggle to balance family, work and chores with little or no time at all for personal activities.

Govt mulls extending WFH with full pay for those caring for sick family members

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says this is to encourage shared responsibility and increase women's work productivity.

Is there room for the office in the post-pandemic world?

Many companies say they are ready to continue the work from home trend although the traditional office space may never completely disappear.

Of WFH and #KitaJagaKita

While working from home may still get the job done, those who call for lockdowns with no consideration of the consequences on anyone else should rethink their positions.

The dark side of working from home

While working from home is associated with convenience and comfort, it can also be difficult for those struggling to shift their entire workload online.

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