Monday, May 10, 2021


Variant accelerating India’s Covid explosion, says top WHO scientist

But she says the variant alone cannot be blamed for the dramatic surge in cases and deaths, adding that India appeared to have let its guard down with 'huge social mixing and large gatherings'.

Vaccinate those at risk worldwide before children, says WHO

The WHO plea comes after Canada authorised the use of Pfizer vaccine on children, with other rich nations set to follow suit.

WHO approves China’s Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine

It is the first Chinese jab to receive WHO's green light.

Global pandemic early warning hub planned

The hub will gather data from around the world in order to predict and prevent future pandemics.

WHO warns of new Covid wave in Africa

Africa now accounts for only 1% of vaccine doses administered globally, down from 2% a few weeks ago, as other regions' rollouts are progressing much faster.

AS bakal hantar 60 juta dos vaksin Covid-19 ke luar negara

Presiden Joe Biden menyifatkan inisiatif itu sebagai 'komitmen kemanusiaan yang penting' dari Amerika Syarikat.

WHO lists Moderna vaccine for emergency use

The other vaccines listed for emergency use by WHO are Pfizer BioNTech; AstraZeneca; Serum Institute of India; and Janssen.

Indian Covid variant found in at least 17 countries, says WHO

WHO says the Covid-19 variant first found in India has been detected in over 1,200 sequences uploaded to the Gisaid open-access database from at least 17 countries including India, the UK, the US and Singapore.

Health experts back AstraZeneca jabs for senior citizens amid concerns over possible side effects

They say the vaccine is safe and effective, and that the government should clearly explain the matter to allay public anxiety.

WHO blames ‘perfect storm’ of factors for India Covid crisis

Health experts believe the actual death toll is far higher than official counts claim, with populous states accused of undercounting Covid-19 fatalities and cases

WHO jab experts want more AstraZeneca clot data from outside Europe

They say most clotting cases were reported in Britain and the European Union, with very few cases noted in other countries.

WHO says against proof of vaccination for travel

The idea of vaccine passports has been met with criticism, with many saying it would lead to discrimination and others raising concerns about privacy.

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