Thursday, April 22, 2021


Drought threatens Taiwan’s chip industry, critical for world computers

The government is rationing water and has tried cloud seeding and rain worshipping ceremonies.

Of Wangsa Maju weather and the Covid-19 pandemic

Unexpected disasters, chaotic disruptions, disorganised responses from authorities - the parallels are uncanny.

Flash floods kill dozens in Indonesia and East Timor

Indonesia’s weather agency said a tropical cyclone is approaching, warning that it could bring yet more rain, strong waves, and high winds.

In Australia, thousands to be evacuated as torrential downpours persist

The torrential rain is in stark contrast to a year ago, when authorities were battling drought and catastrophic bushfires which killed millions of wild animals.

TNB gives checklist of suspects behind high electricity bills

Air conditioners aren't the only ones.

Jakarta crippled by floods

More than 1,300 residents have been evacuated to temporary shelters, with parts of the capital under 1.2m to 2.7m of water.

Two-thirds of world see ‘climate emergency’, UN survey shows

The large majority of those who do recognise a climate emergency want urgent and comprehensive action, says Oxford sociologist.

In Sarawak, rising floods push virus war from limelight

But Covid-19 still complicates rescue efforts and necessitates quarantine even at flood relief centres.

Fording the floods in Pahang

Each year, monsoon rains pound the east coast forcing the evacuation of thousands as floods leave vehicles, roads and even houses underwater. But residents have described this year's flooding as the worst in half a century with tens of thousands evacuated in Pahang alone.

Flood situation improves in 4 states but more evacuated in Johor

More evacuees have been allowed to return home in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Perak but the number of flood victims has risen in Johor.

6 dead, nearly 50,000 evacuated in floods

Those in the affected areas say this year's floods are the worst in decades.

Beijing freezes as temperature hits 5-decade lows

Residents in Beijing experience low temperatures and a bitter winter with gale-force winds.

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