Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Some concerns about the proposed Kulim airport

It has huge potential to cause massive negative effects on the surrounding environment, if not properly planned, sited and executed.

Company director held under Sosma for sabotage of Selangor water services granted RM50,000 bail

Court of Appeal panel says Lim Kian Aik was confirmed to be suffering from acute coronary syndrome.

The long trek for water in Kedah interior

In Baling, a rural district in Kedah bordering Perak and Thailand, pipe water is patchy at best, and many residents are forced to depend on rivers for their water supply.

In rural Kedah, clean water supply still a pipe dream for villagers

They have had to resort to creating their own pipeline in addition to depending on the river for the water they need each day.

The role of water in the pandemic era

It is estimated that over two billion of the global population live in countries with high water stress.

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