Wednesday, January 19, 2022


From lockup to landslide: US leader elected from jail

Joel Caston – convicted for murder as a teenager a quarter-century ago – finds redemption through politics after becoming the first prisoner in the US capital ever to be elected to public office.

US state offers ‘joints for jabs’ to boost Covid vaccine use

Other inducements have included free sports tickets, airline flights and beers, while an Arizona cannabis dispensary has already experimented with giving free products to those receiving jabs.

US to punish bad behaviour on flights as incidents rise

Passengers who pose any sort of threat to the staff or passengers on the aircraft could be imprisoned or fined.

15,000 troops from National Guard mobilised for Biden inauguration

They will come equipped with riot gear and weapons, but so far they have not been authorised to arm themselves while on the streets of the US capital.

Woman shot dead in US Capitol was veteran, Trump supporter

Washington police confirm the death of a woman who served in the US Air Force.

Guns out, windows smashed: Trump crowd turns Congress into battlefield

One person was wounded by a gunshot in the Capitol building and later died, according to US media reports.

Law student randomly gets vaccine on grocery run

David MacMillan says he and his friend were offered the vaccine because healthcare workers had not shown up for their appointments to get the doses.

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