Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Rural voters not bothered about corrupt leaders, says Najib’s ex-aide

Oh Ei Sun says any comeback by his former boss would depend on a good PR campaign.

For Malay voters, survival trumps institutional reforms, study shows

In terms of reforms, the economy and education take pole position.

Teach the youth, it’s about more than individual leaders, Undi18 says on political apathy

Otherwise, it could be hard to convince the younger generation to become involved in politics even after the legal voting age is lowered.

Shamsul who? Voters in Anwar loyalist’s seat don’t know their MP, survey finds

Like those in Gombak, Hang Tuah Jaya constituents showed overwhelming support for Muhyiddin Yassin as prime minister.

June 30 hearing for Azmin’s bid to strike out suit by Gombak voters

The judge will also hear the voters' application to strike out several paragraphs from Azmin's statement of defence, said to contain his reasons for leaving PKR.

PN could win big in 3-cornered fights with BN, PH, UKM study finds

The study also found that 42% of voters want PN to remain in government while 13% want a BN administration and 11% want PH.

Give EC time, law minister urges on Undi 18

He says many issues need to be ironed out, including the matter of addresses which needs to be referred to the National Registration Department.

Azmin applies to strike out suit by Gombak voters over ‘Sheraton Move’

Court orders him to file a supporting affidavit before or on March 24, when further case management will be heard.

Winning votes through identity politics

The entire system will sink deeper into the communal cauldron if political parties and politicians play the same game of exploiting religious or communal sentiments to gain electoral support.

How to conduct pandemic polls? Senior officials tongue-tied in meeting with PM

No clear solution proposed on how to conduct impending election in Sarawak.

Sabah heads to polls but Warisan unlikely to repeat 2018 fortune

The election this time is being held as authorities report daily spikes in new Covid-19 infections.

5 hot topics ahead of Sabah polls

Candidates are zooming in on issues that are likely to affect voters' decisions, including development in the state and the lack of clean water supply.

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