Saturday, January 22, 2022


Covid-19 compared with other deadly viruses

The human toll of Covid-19, officially known as SARS-CoV-2, far outstrips that of other viral epidemics in the 21st century.

Jangan bergantung kepada kerajaan untuk semua keperluan kita

Kita boleh mengharapkan sedikit dorongan tetapi tidak patut menyerahkan semuanya kepada kerajaan.

More Americans lost to Covid-19 than 1918 flu pandemic

675,722 US Covid-19 deaths were recorded as of Friday, surpassing the 675,000 US deaths during the influenza outbreak that began in the last year of World War I.

Waspada dan patuhi SOP, elak tempat sesak, kata kumpulan pelancongan Selangor

Persatuan Pengembaraan dan Agensi Pelancongan Selangor beri amaran untuk tidak alpa supaya kluster baru tidak tercetus.

Politikkan asal usul Covid-19 jejaskan kepentingan global

Usaha merungkai asal usul virus tersebut memerlukan masa yang lama kerana banyak bukti perlu dikumpulkan.

Palau loses virus-free status with first Covid cases

With more than 80% of the 18,000 population fully vaccinated, President Surangel Whipps insists the remote island state 'has been Covid-free but is now Covid-safe'.

First West African case of deadly Marburg virus detected, says WHO

Fatality rates have ranged from 24% to 88% in previous outbreaks, depending on the virus strain and case management.

102 korban Covid-19 dicatat, kes baru rekod 8,574 jangkitan

Selangor kekal mencatat kes harian tertinggi sebanyak melebihi 4,000.

Infectious Scots travelled to England for Euro footie

Nearly 2,000 Covid-19 cases in Scotland linked to crowds who gathered to watch Euro football tournament when they were infectious.

Australia Covid measures to have ‘profound’ long-term impact

Australia faces stalled population growth and budget deficits until at least 2060 as a result of emergency Covid-19 measures, the government says.

Covid can infect brain cells, study shows

This could trigger neurological and psychological complaints, researchers say.

UK man tests positive for virus for 10 straight months

Dave Smith, 72, tested positive 43 times, was hospitalised seven times and had made plans for his funeral.

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