Friday, July 1, 2022


US ban on major e-cigarette products put on hold in court

The court says it needs more time to study the case.

US bans sales of Juul e-cigarettes, company to seek stay on enforcement

Some of the findings raised concerns due to insufficient and conflicting data, including whether potentially harmful chemicals could leach out of the Juul pods, the FDA says.

Kelantan eyes law to prevent teens from vaping

The proposed ban would apply to those born in 2005 onwards.

Kudos for plan to further curb smoking, but devil is in the details

Cracking down too hard, too fast on smoking will only drive the habit underground, making it almost impossible to regulate and monitor.

More needed to tackle vaping culture among youth

A higher tax on vape liquid could go far in discouraging young people from venturing into the habit.

US denies authorisation to many vaping products

The products denied authorisation may not be delivered to the market, or have to be removed if they have already reached shelves.

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