Friday, September 17, 2021


Brazil minister seeks halt to teen jabs after death, health agency says no concrete link

The health minister says healthy adolescents who have already taken one shot should not take a second.

Indian study finds big drop in Covid antibodies within 4 months of vaccination

Health officials say though they are studying the evolving science on booster doses, the priority is to fully immunise India's 944 million adults.

Singapore to give vaccine boosters as cases rise

The health ministry says an expert committee has recommended a third dose for people aged 60 and above and those with weak immune systems.

EU to return J&J vaccines made in Africa

The announcement comes with Africa's struggle to immunise its people against Covid-19, partly because of a lack of supply and widespread vaccine hesitancy.

Messenger RNA Covid jabs 66% effective against Delta, US study shows

Researchers note a number of caveats, including that the protection from vaccines could be waning over time anyway, and the 66% estimate is based on a relatively short study period with few infections.

Covid vaccines effective against Delta, Noor Hisham assures

The health director-general refers to the situation in Labuan and Sarawak where hospital admissions, ICU bed usage and use of ventilators have dropped.

Highest risk of vaccine-resistant variants when most but not all are jabbed, study shows

Authors say that their research highlights the need to maintain other anti-Covid measures until everyone is vaccinated.

Not true, Khairy says on claims of expired vaccines

He says such incidents were due to a data error, and that the actual date will be updated in MySejahtera for those involved.

South Africa Covid vaccinations face delay after pharmacy lootings

With close to 2.2 million detected coronavirus cases, South Africa accounts for 37% of the continent's recorded infections.

Covax to receive 110 million Chinese vaccine doses

Gavi says Covax now expects to be able to distribute two billion doses by early 2022, including 1.8 billion to the 92 poorest countries relying on the facility for their Covid vaccines.

Hard to open vaccination centres in EMCO areas, says Khairy

He says it will also complicate the supply of vaccines across the country.

Thousands in Brazil join anti-Bolsonaro protests

There were rallies in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belem, Recife and Maceio, with protesters carrying signs saying things like 'Genocidal Bolsonaro' and 'Yes to the Vaccines'.

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