Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Singapore green-lights Pfizer jab for teens aged 12-15

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung says Singapore's expert committee on Covid-19 vaccines and the Health Sciences Authority have approved the use of the vaccine on those in this age group.

Austria to phase out AstraZeneca jabs

Its health minister says the jab is safe but cites bad press and delivery problems.

Over 130 in Switzerland contract Covid-19 after both doses of vaccine

Most of them were aged 80 and over.

Sarawak to allow AstraZeneca jab on voluntary basis after initial doubt

The state immunisation task force says a recent survey shows that many in Sarawak are in favour of being allowed the option of choosing the AstraZeneca vaccine.

‘Minuscule’ clotting risk after AstraZeneca Covid jabs, says India

India's health ministry says the rate of such events are 0.61 per million doses, much lower than those reported in the UK.

Pfizer, Moderna vaccines effective against Indian variants, study shows

The lab-based study found that while the vaccines' antibodies are weaker against the variants, their protective ability remains.

Pandemic ‘long way from over’ despite vaccination efforts, says WHO

WHO says there is a 'huge disconnect growing' as some countries are experiencing waves of infection while others with high vaccination rates think the pandemic is over.

Lifting IP rights for Covid vaccines – good or bad?

Concerns are raised about geopolitical interests, in addition to the unequal distribution of vaccine doses.

No alternative to vaccine passports, says world’s busiest international airport boss

However, the US is resolute that there will be no vaccination credential as it 'could be used to restrict the daily freedoms of Americans'.

Singapore shuts schools amid warning of new virus strains infecting more children

Education Minister Chan Chun Sing says the government is 'working out the plans' to vaccinate students under the age of 16.

India approves new local Covid-19 drug for emergency use

Some health experts are warning that there is not enough data available from human trials to back up the drug's emergency use.

Only Pfizer for pregnant, nursing mothers

Minister Khairy Jamaluddin says the Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force has been asked to coordinate with hospitals and specialists to prioritise these women for the Pfizer vaccine.

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