Friday, September 17, 2021


55% of population, 76.8% of adults fully vaccinated

Some 92.7% of adults have received at least one dose of vaccine.

British study to test mixed vaccine dose schedules in children

Officials are trying to determine the best approach to second doses in adolescents given a small risk of heart inflammation.

Over 76% of adults fully vaccinated

More than 39 million doses of vaccine have been administered throughout the country.

Moderna says vaccine protection wanes, makes case for booster

New analysis shows higher rates of infection among people vaccinated roughly 13 months ago compared with those vaccinated roughly eight months ago.

Indonesia in talks with WHO to become global vaccine hub, minister says

A WHO spokesman says Indonesia is one of 25 low and middle income countries to express interest in hosting a vaccine hub.

Cuba seeks WHO approval of Covid jabs as toddlers next for shot

The Communist-run Caribbean island is vaccinating its population at one of the fastest rates in the world with three local drugs, all authorised for emergency use by its own regulators.

No more quarantine for fully vaxxed entering Sarawak

Children and teenagers below 18 accompanying fully vaccinated parents or guardians are also exempted from quarantine.

54.1% of people fully vaccinated

Meanwhile 66.3% or 21,649,228 individuals have received at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

US pushes world leaders to embrace 70% global Covid vaccination target

A draft US document calls for richer countries to ensure at least US$3 billion is made available in 2021 and US$7 billion in 2022 for vaccine readiness and to combat vaccine hesitancy.

US governor threatens fines for cities, counties that ‘force’ vaccine jabs

He says vaccination is 'a personal choice on individual health'.

53.5% of people fully jabbed

Meanwhile 66% have received at least one dose.

No need for vaccine booster jabs, study says

The authors say that if new virus mutations do emerge that are able to evade the current vaccine response, it would be better to deliver specially modified vaccine boosters aimed at the newer variants.

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