Wednesday, September 22, 2021

US military

The last known Jew in Afghanistan is shutting the synagogue and leaving

After centuries, Afghanistan will lose its last member of another minority this year.

Nato puts holds on Afghanistan decision, expands in Iraq

Biden's administration is reviewing whether to stick to a looming deadline to withdraw the remaining 2,500 US troops or risk a bloody backlash from the insurgents by staying.

One-third of US military refusing Covid-19 vaccine, says Pentagon

The US Defense Department continues to classify Covid vaccines as optional because they have yet to receive full approval from the Federal Drug Administration.

Biden overturns Trump’s ban on transgender troops

The executive order is one of Biden's first moves to unravel Trump's legacy in the military and elsewhere.

Masks cut risk of Covid-19 infection on planes, US military study shows

The study concludes that even on a full plane, the level of transmission over 12 hours of flight is negligible.

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