Friday, June 25, 2021

urban poverty


From battlefield to caretaker for army veteran

A Arullapan has retired from army life, but everyday struggles persist as he takes care of his disabled wife and son.

‘I keep on praying’: a mother’s decades-long struggle with a special needs child

Paridah Muhammad is determined to continue doing her best for her daughter, who was born with Down's syndrome and recently suffered a stroke.

Of parking spots and lives that are never enough

Life in a PPR is a life that is worth less than what residents are worthy of but just enough to keep them there.

Long haul for single mum as two children hit with degenerative disease

One is completely bedridden while the other must receive treatment every week.

Failing eyesight leaves ex-cabbie on the road to nowhere

Mohd Kamil Affendy Hashim worked as a taxi driver until he was diagnosed with bilateral optic neuritis, an affliction of the eyes which has left him fruitlessly hunting for another job in the busy city centre.

With eyesight failing him, only dead ends ahead for ex-taxi driver

Mohd Kamil Affendy Hashim is now looking for a new job, but it is difficult for him to land even a position as a security guard.

Broken dreams on the streets of Kuala Lumpur

Affendi Mohamad lives alone on the streets which he navigates each day, looking for enough recyclable items to sell in order to survive.

When hardship and poverty beat Raya to the door

Affendi Mohamad used to earn a living as a contract worker but a workplace accident last year has left him wheelchair-bound, digging through the city's garbage for recyclables to sell to make ends meet.

Give govt aid to low-income groups during MCO 3.0, experts say

They say without intervention, vulnerable groups will be caught in a cycle of hardship.

B40 families still struggle with unemployment, online learning, UN-backed survey finds

The fourth edition of the 'Families on the Edge' survey shows that the bulk of respondents are unable to buy enough food for their families while others are cutting down on meals.

The struggles that continue after war

Retired soldier A Arullapan left war and conflict behind him years ago but today, he faces a struggle of another kind. Money is short and it is up to him to take care of his wife and son who are both debilitated.

No more war but no peace either for veteran soldier

At 74, A Arullapan takes care of his wife who suffered a stroke six years ago as well as their son who is disabled.

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