Thursday, August 5, 2021


Islamist Ennahda supporters attempt to storm Tunisian parliament

The country is experiencing nationwide protests over economic troubles and spiralling coronavirus cases.

South African govt asks for 25,000 troops to curb unrest

Seventy-two people have died and more than 1,200 people arrested since former president Jacob Zuma began a 15-month jail term, sparking protests that swiftly turned violent.

Israeli settlers agree to leave flashpoint West Bank outpost

Under the agreement, the settlers will leave the Eviatar outpost within days but their mobile homes will remain and Israeli troops will establish a base in the area.

At least 18 killed in violence at town near US-Mexico border

The border area and nearby towns and villages are choked with would-be migrants waiting to cross illegally into the US.

Israel to allow Gaza ‘limited’ export of farm produce

Extra restrictions since intense violence last month has meant Gaza's farmers have been unable to export goods as usual, creating a glut of produce and causing prices to tumble.

‘With masters defeated, the slaves can’t fight’: Taliban eye victory after US exit

'When the Americans leave they (the government forces) won't survive even for five days,' says a Taliban spokesman.

Suicide attack kills 15 at Somalia army training camp as even peacekeepers mock law

Somalia has been mired in civil war, clan conflict, Islamist insurgency, famine, and political instability, for over 30 years.

Israel strikes Gaza in response to incendiary balloons

This marks the first major flare-up between Israel and Gaza since a ceasefire on May 21.

Two human heads left at Mexico polling stations

The elections have been marred by a wave of political violence that has seen more than 90 politicians murdered since the electoral process began in September.

Boko Haram leader ‘kills self’ in fight with rival jihadists

Boko Haram has not yet officially commented on the death of their leader while the Nigerian army says it is investigating the claim.

At least 160 killed in deadliest Burkina Faso attack since 2015

Locals say they have started exhuming the bodies and burying them after transporting them.

UN body orders probe of ‘systematic’ abuses in Israel, Palestinian areas

A wide range of countries decried the latest violence, stressing the need for urgent aid to Gaza and to resume talks towards a lasting, peaceful two-state solution.

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