Monday, November 29, 2021

unity government

This is not a ‘unity govt’, says Ismail

The prime minister says cooperation with the opposition does not mean giving them a role in the government.

Top palace official dismisses claim of bid to block Ismail, force unity govt

Istana Negara comptroller Ahmad Fadil Shamsuddin also shrugs off blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin's claim that he is pro-Anwar.

Anwar turns to ‘unity govt’, ‘new consensus’ sound bites to push for approval to work with Zahid

The PKR president needs to convince 'recalcitrant' MPs in Pakatan Harapan that this is part of a plan to fight the pandemic.

National unity, the missing vaccine

A national unity government which brings together the government, the opposition and independent individuals connected to the health sector would set the right tone.

Unity govt a recipe for massive disunity, warns prominent thinker

Chandra Muzaffar says recent experience shows that such a proposal would not be feasible due to the existence of politicians obsessed with power.

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