Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Nigeria has 18.5 million children out of school, Unicef says

Since Boko Haram jihadists kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls from the northeastern town of Chibok in 2014, dozens of schools have been targeted in similar mass abductions.

Measles cases jump 79% in 2022 after Covid hit vaccination campaigns

In January and February, there were 17,338 measles cases reported worldwide, up from 9,665 in the same period last year.

47 children killed, maimed in Yemen in 2 months, says Unicef

At least over 10,000 minors are believed to have been killed or injured in the war that has raged since 2015.

PBB bimbang keselamatan kanak-kanak migran dalam tahanan di Libya

Unicef berkata keselamatan sekurang-kurangnya 1,000 wanita serta kanak-kanak, termasuk lima kanak-kanak tanpa ditemani dan 30 bayi amat membimbangkan.

WHO backs antibody treatment for high-risk Covid patients

Regeneron is only the third treatment for Covid to be recommended by the global health authority, which added it to its 'living WHO guideline' on drugs for Covid-19.

Unicef calls for schools to reopen in pandemic-hit nations

Schools in around 17 countries remain fully closed, while those in 39 countries remain partially closed.

UN warns of ‘perfect storm’ as childhood vaccination plummets

A full 23 million children missed out on basic childhood vaccines last year.

Unicef bimbang bunuh diri dalam kalangan kanak-kanak di Malaysia

Agensi PBB itu berkata pandemik Covid-19 dan langkah-langkah pembendungan memberikan kesan negatif terhadap keihatan mental masyarakat.

Unicef voices concern over child suicides in Malaysia

The UN agency says the Covid-19 pandemic and mitigation efforts such as lockdowns have had negative effects on the mental health of many.

India approves new local Covid-19 drug for emergency use

Some health experts are warning that there is not enough data available from human trials to back up the drug's emergency use.

Tinjauan PBB dapati B40 bergelut dengan pengangguran, pembelajaran dalam talian

Siri keempat kajian 'Families on the Edge' mendapati kebanyakan responden tidak mampu membeli bahan makanan.

B40 families still struggle with unemployment, online learning, UN-backed survey finds

The fourth edition of the 'Families on the Edge' survey shows that the bulk of respondents are unable to buy enough food for their families while others are cutting down on meals.

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