Friday, June 25, 2021


Unemployment rate for April 2021 drops to 4.6%

This is the lowest rate since October last year.

Bosses group calls for wage subsidies to prevent retrenchment of workers

The Malaysian Employers Federation says subsidies should be given to those earning RM4,000 and below.

The long climb up the food chain for fresh grads

With the economy still reeling from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, experts see no immediate solution for fresh graduates seeking 'adequate' pay.

Equivalent of 255 million jobs lost worldwide in 2020, UN says

Official global unemployment shot up by 1.1%, or 33 million more people, to a total of 220 million and a worldwide jobless rate of 6.5% last year.

Despite bleak market, still no takers for ‘dirty’ jobs vacated by foreigners

The social stigma surrounding dirty, dangerous and difficult jobs is still too much of a deterrent, even in the present economic situation.

Almost 100,000 out of a job since October, says minister

However, 120,296 out of 372,934 job seekers also found work during the same period.

Pandemic has given birth to ‘nouveau poor’ Malaysians, expert warns

The new economic class brings with it more challenges to the government's fight against poverty.

Nearly 100,000 laid off since January

These include highly skilled workers who had earned RM4,000 and above each month.

Pandemic heaps more money woes on vulnerable poor

The urban poor need sustainable solutions not just cash handouts, says new report.

Survival of the fittest as hiring picks up again

Evolution this time will see those able to adapt to new pandemic norms getting ahead.

Wage subsidies saved jobs during the pandemic, but at what cost?

Thinning government coffers may mean more taxes in the future.

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