Tuesday, April 20, 2021


UN negotiating with Beijing for unrestricted Xinjiang inspection

Activists have expressed scepticism about the prospects for a meaningful visit with unfettered access in China.

UN chief criticises wealthy countries for vaccine ‘stockpile’

UN chief criticises the "self interest" of rich countries for building up vaccine supplies beyond the needs of their populations.

Global alarm grows as more protesters killed in Myanmar crackdown

The deadliest day yet came Sunday, when more than three dozen demonstrators were killed as security forces cracked down on pro-democracy rallies.

China committing genocide against Uighurs, report says

While violating just part of the Genocide Convention can qualify as genocide, the report alleges Chinese authorities are in 'breach of each and every act prohibited' by the definitions.

Vice-president Kamala Harris to make UN debut at women’s rights conference

The US has often pushed against the promotion of women’s sexual and reproductive rights because it sees that as code for abortion rights, an inflammatory subject in America.

Stepped up North Korea nuclear reprocessing report alarms Pentagon

North Korea has used its radiochemical lab to reprocess plutonium for nuclear bombs before.

Myanmar security forces fire on anti-coup protesters

The doctor who treated the patients says one was hit in the thigh, another in the abdomen and a third in the chest.

Guinea launches Ebola vaccination campaign

Guinea's health minister expects an end to the outbreak in about six weeks.

US airs concerns over govt’s plan to deport 1,200 to Myanmar

The migrants, who include members of vulnerable minorities, are set to be repatriated aboard three vessels sent from Myanmar, where the military seized power at the start of February.

UN condemns Myanmar junta after 3 killed in anti-coup unrest

Much of Myanmar has been in uproar since troops detained Suu Kyi on Feb 1, with massive street demonstrations in major cities and isolated villages across the country.

10 rich countries hogging 75% of available Covid-19 jabs, says UN

130 poorer countries have not yet received a single dose.

North Korea stole US$300 million in crypto to fund nukes, say UN experts

A confidential UN report says financial institutions and exchanges were hacked to generate revenue for Pyongyang's nuclear and missile development.

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