Monday, September 27, 2021


Biden hosts leaders of Australia, India and Japan for Quad summit

Of three regional groupings that Washington leads in its strategic chess game to manage China's ascent, the Quad is deliberately the most open.

WHO backs antibody treatment for high-risk Covid patients

Regeneron is only the third treatment for Covid to be recommended by the global health authority, which added it to its 'living WHO guideline' on drugs for Covid-19.

Saudi king assures UN of support for efforts to prevent nuclear Iran

He says his kingdom insists on the importance of keeping the Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction.

At UN, developing nations plead against vaccine hoarding

Vaccination rates in some countries, including Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo, are less than 1%.

Brazil’s health minister tests positive for Covid-19 at UN gathering

He will remain in the US for a period of isolation, even though the rest of the delegation has returned to Brazil.

Delta overwhelming other Covid variants of concern, says WHO

Delta has been detected in more than 185 countries to date.

Brazil’s vaccine-sceptic president gets pass at UN but not New York restaurants

Jair Bolsonaro ate pizza on the sidewalk on his first night in New York for the United Nations General Assembly.

Afghan pilots start leaving Uzbekistan for UAE, despite Taliban pressure, source says

Afghanistan's new rulers have said they will invite former military personnel to join the country's revamped security forces and that they will come to no harm.

Sri Lankan detainees tortured while in custody, rights group alleges

After being detained, the alleged victims said they were subjected to treatment including being suffocated with petrol-soaked plastic bags and penetrated with an iron rod.

WHO urges Covid vaccine booster moratorium until 2022

The UN health agency has set a global target of seeing every country vaccinate at least 40% of its population by the end of this year.

Hundreds of unaccompanied children evacuated from Afghanistan, says UN

Unicef is currently providing technical support to governments who are hosting evacuated children, and are helping register those that are unaccompanied, trace their families and working to reunite them.

Myanmar envoy alerts UN to alleged ‘massacre’

He says 40 bodies were found in Kani township in July in the Sagaing area of northwestern Myanmar although the junta denies the massacre.

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