Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Umno MPs

Threat of pandemic polls with ‘court cluster’ plan to force election

After a failed plan to gather support for Anwar Ibrahim, a group of Umno MPs may use next month's budget to force snap polls.

A warning shot to DAP about its political partners

A staunch supporter warns DAP of swift retribution at the ballot box if it chooses to work with Umno.

Impossible for Anwar to form a Malay-Muslim government, say analysts

They also question the PKR leader's definition of a 'formidable' majority.

Cops reject Anwar’s ‘strange’ request to meet 2 hours before royal audience

Police are investigating several reports by Umno MPs denying claims that they would back Anwar.

DAP-Anwar ban stays, top Umno leaders say as PAS warns allies

Umno leaders say they are committed to the decision for party MPs to only switch political alliances en bloc.

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